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 Dandong haikun clean technology co., LTD is located in dandong, the largest border city in China. Dandong is located on the bank of the beautiful yalu river at the eastern starting point of the national economic industrial belt on the liaodong peninsula, facing the democratic People's Republic of Korea across the river.  Dandong sea of clean technology co., LTD., more than 10 years of history has produced today's industrial strength, has now formed a solid industrial base, a large number of technical personnel of the company enterprise form the specialized production base, from the filter material, purification equipment, purification engineering, environmental engineering, design, production and construction in a body specialized production enterprise. The project installation of clean technology, mechanical and electrical equipment has obtained the national grade 3 qualification.  The company is China electronics industry society, clean technology branch. China refrigeration and air conditioning industry association, clean room technical committee, China environmental protection industry association, and other member units.  The company's strong industrial force to create (purification) series of products have reached dozens of kinds, more than 100 kinds of specifications, not only to meet the domestic market demand, some products are exported abroad.  The purification equipment, dust removal equipment produced by the company are widely used in automotive industry, pharmaceutical, aerospace, electronics, medical, biochemistry, metallurgical chemical industry, precision instruments, food health care, civil air defense subway, mine smelting, industrial spraying, industrial dust removal, agricultural science and technology, scientific research units and other clean areas.  The company has always been to focus on quality, trustworthiness, truth-seeking, innovation for the purpose, "science and technology as the forerunner, quality is life" guidelines to serve the market, character cast products, quality cast brilliant. In many clean areas, especially in the pharmaceutical industry in many times GMP transformation and clean engineering renovation and expansion are good product quality, engineering quality, reasonable price, honest service won the majority of customers green and praise.  The company's corporate purpose is always "quality first, customer first" you choose the Haivast is equal to have a blue sky.


Product Introduction
Clean cleaning station
Super table
Separate and sleeve type clean table
Clean table
Stainless steel inspection table
Cold steel plate air shower
Air shower
Shower room
Shower room
Air shower
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